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We are a group of professionals who have chosen to specialize in Musical Theatre for all ages, and our Company offers only experiences of exceptional quality. All our scripts and lyrics are original, copyrighted work as well as the music which is specially composed for each of our productions. We aim at producing the highest-quality theatrical experiences for children and adults and at providing them with that unique, lively atmosphere that fosters both the desire to be entertained and to explore their own artistic skills. We create plays that will be cherished and remembered. Our passion for stories and love for details has put our company and our team in a place of excellence allowing us to enjoy the preference of a loyal and increasing audience.

We believe in professionalism and teamwork. We believe in the power of the stories we present every year. And we believe in the magic of theatre, which goes beyond languages and time. Performing for you lets us enjoy the most rewarding feeling: the magic that comes from your laughs, smiles, and applause. That is what makes us get back on stage, with the same passion and enthusiasm .To keep on playing and sharing the magic.

Alice is not only the author of Billy The Kid (1997 & 2006), A Pirate Legend (2008), Eliot Ness Cleans Up The Mess (1999 & 2009) and so many others, but also a talented actress and singer who has directed plays and taught musical comedy for several years.
Among the different roles she played in educational plays are Puss in Puss in Boots, Wendy, Morgana, Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Lady Marianne in Sandokan, Lady Macbeth and many roles in Shakespearience and she was Sally in the original staging of Billy The Kid in 1997 directed by Emilio G. Zapiola. Her downtown career includes a nomination for the A.C.E. Prize giving for her performance in Broadway 2. Her acting teachers were Ma. Elena Rivera, Raul Serrano and Fernando Orecchio. She studied singing with Marta Sanchez and Elba Rotnisky and has a Degree in Art from Escuela Nacional de Arte Prilidiano Pueyrredon. Alice wrote and directed most of the plays staged by The Group such as Robin Hood, Elliot Ness, Treasure Hunt, Marco Polo, Leonardo ‘da musical’, Jack and the Beanstalk, and is co-author of many others.
Her most recent work includes a wonderful adaptation of William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream for our Season 2010. This play, produced by The Stage Company, has been recently chosen to be translated into Spanish and will be on staged by our Company at the prestigious Teatro Maipo very soon. Alice also wrote the  amazing script for our staging of The Three Musketeers (2011) and she was responsible of the direction, script and stage design of: Marco Polo, The Traveladventurer (2001-1012) and  Robin Hood- A Light in the Dark (1998-2014). Her contribuitions as heart of the creative staff of the Stage Company are of great value as she adds her special touch to every production we put on stage. Each of her stories reveal her talent and humanity.

Javito has composed the music of every song in A Pirate Legend (2008), Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess (1999 & 2009), A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010) , The Three Musketeers (2011), and Marco Polo, The Traveladventurer (2012) always showing exceptional talent and creativity. He has also played the lovely guitars you can hear in all our plays.
He is currently working for the prestigious Buenos Aires Lirica Opera Company. In the past he has composed music for important radio and TV shows and for many other plays, some of them staged by The Group such us Treasure Hunt, Eliot Ness, Marco Polo, Q Squad, Jack and The Beanstalk and Leonardo The Musical.
He is a professional musician and sound engineer who runs his own recording studio, equipped with the best and latest Apple Macintosh Sound Technology , where he works for many important firms, schools and instituitons making every melody sound at its best.

Carla is the Managing Director of The Stage Company. She also performs as actress and has also directed many of the Company's plays. She completed her acting studies with Raul Serrano, Fernando Orecchio and Bruce Katzman, and studied Stage Direction with Augusto Fernandes. She also attended seminars with teachers from the London Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Stella Adler Academy of New York. She taught English, Literature and Drama for several years at Sta Ines School, Colegio Marin , Chaltel College and Teatro Stella Maris. -As she is supervising the making of this webpage- (she is usually quite obsessive about all kind of details), and this paragraph is clearly about her, she thinks what is said here about her career is more than enough. She' d like to thank our audience, teachers and students , for their trust and warmth and also Alice Penn and all the Team of The Stage Company for their passion for teamwork, and their true love for stories, music and theatre.

Our gifted musician is also a professional actor and experienced drama teacher. He has composed the music and lyrics for many plays staged by The Group also taking part in them as an actor: He played The Mad Hatter, the White Knight and Lewis in Alice in Wonderland; Lord Brook in Sandokan; he was Robin Hood, and played the part of Pat Garret in the original staging of Billy The Kid in 1997.
He started acting in school productions in England but his professional career developed in Argentina and it includes important parts in Broadway II, Ricardo II, Macbeth, Julius Caesar. He has also acted in the full length movie Mil Boomerangs.
He studied acting with Raul Serrano and was storyteller at the Disney Animation Festival.
He performed in Spanish as Don Pedro in Shakespeare's Comedy "Much a Do About Nothing" staged at the prestigious Teatro San Martin during 2010 and since February 2011 he was a member of the cast of El Dealer Manda, (2012) and El Dique (2013) at Camarin de las Musas Theatre. After performing in Paseo La Plaza (2012) as the brave Captain Donovan Dash in our A Pirate Legend, he became the greedy Minister Richelieu in our version of the The Three Musketeers. He is author of the music and lyrics of Billy The Kid, - he has been a member of the original cast (1997) performing as Sheriff Pat Garret- . He is playing this same role again with us after sixteen years in our staging of Billy The Kid 2013- while he also trains horse riding and fencing for an upcoming movie.

Alejandra has been the choreographer of every production we ever put on stage. She has been involved in Educational Theatre since 1996 and has been working together with us since the very beginning. Experienced and talented dancer, choreographer, costume designer, businesswoman, teacher and she manages to do all of these things and more. She has also directed many important musicals at Northlands School and Marin School, such us as the awarded Broadway pieces "Pippin" ;and "Aida". During 2009 and for the second time, she was the choreographer and costume designer of Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess, and she has done the same work this year with our stagings of "The Three Musketeers" (2010-2011) and Billy The Kid ( 1997-2006-2013) both demanding musical plays achieving great success, and where she has been able to demonstrate once again her passion for teamwork, attention to details, and true love for high quality theatre.
In our 2014 staging of Robin Hood- A Light in The Dark-, she worked together with Alice Penn, assisting her closely in the Direction, while also being the Choreographer, Costume Designer and Executive Producer of this amazing play.

He was co founder of The Group where he successfully directed many plays. He has a passion for teaching and he anually stages several plays with his teen and adult students. He teaches drama at Master College, Santa Ines School and San Juan el Precursor. At the British Arts Center he directed Hamlet and Richard III. He studied stage direction with Jaime Kogan and Jean Guy Lecat and took acting lessons with Mariano Caligaris. He directed the original staging of Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess in 1999. Ten years later, Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess, one of his favourites plays, makes its comeback and he is currently directing it once again. He is also director and co author of our 2010- 2014 adaptation of A Midusmmer Night's Dream.


the cast  
andres bagg
Christian Fletcher Eliot Ness Billy The Kid Robin Hood Jester

Puck D Artagnan General Want Mo Master Dr. Frankenstein

Andres has been working for The Stage Company since the very beginning and performed as actor in every play we have ever put on stage. 
He was Dr Frankenstein in our beloved Frankenstein-Laugh at your Fears- (2007). The following year he was chosen for a main role in the awarded RENT, performed at the Bs As. KONEX and at the same time he became Christian Fletcher for our Season 2008 featuring A Pirate Legend. 
Later he got the main role in our Elliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess (2009), he gave life to an amazing Puck in our magical 2010 staging of A Midsummer Night 's Dream and played as the Young D'Artagnan in our The Three Musketeers (2011). Many characters followed. He learned kung fu in order to become the evil General Want Mo for our  Marco Polo where he also performed as the wise master at the Shaolin Temple. He also played most of these roles in Spanish while following the Company  to the prestigious Sala Pablo Neruda at Paseo La Plaza during four consecutive seasons with Leyenda Pirata (2009-2010), Los Tres Mosqueteros (2011- 2012)and Marco Polo (2012).
In 2013 he became Billy in our second staging of the successful Alice Penn's Billy The Kid and In 2014 he was chosen for the main role  in our Robin Hood- A Light in the Dark. Andres finshed high school at Lincoln School in La Lucila and studied musical comedy while living in the United States. He also performed as actor in several movies and TV shows. Not only he has talent but he has a passion for music, acting, singing and dancing. Andres knows the Company more than any other actor and we are delighted  to know he loves it so much.



Charlie Morgan Black Al Capone King Oberon

Master Quince Athos Marco Polo Mr. Chisum

Sebastian performed as Christian Fletcher in a A Pirate Legend during our 2008 Opening Nights and immediately after joined the prestigious Ojala Theatre Dance Company (also known in the past as De la Guarda), with which he toured Europe during most of the year.
Back in Buenos Aires he was called again by The Stage Company to perform as Charlie, Eliot Ness' charming assistant and friend, in Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess. Later, during the Winter Holidays he was given the role of Captain Black for the many performances in Spanish at Sala Pablo Neruda, Paseo La Plaza
. He is a very experienced actor, singer and dancer who has performed leading roles in several important musicals by Cibrian-Mahler such as The Canterville Ghost and Dracula. He loves acting but he enjoys playing music as well, specially the guitar and drums. He finished his acting studies with Julio Chavez , he learned dancing with Ricky Pashkus and became fluid in English while attending St Nicholas School in Olivos.
He performed as Oberon, the king of fairies, also as Quince -the director of the play within the play- both in our staging of A Midsummer Night's Dream (2010) and he is our most experienced and wise musketeer, Athos, in The Three Musketeers (2011-2012). After months of professional Kung Fu Training, our Season 2012 found him ready to give life to a charismatic Marco Polo in our 2012 production Marco Polo, The Travel adventurer .
2013 was a really intense year, Sebas played the role of Chisum in our Billy The Kid, he also directed a play for St Nicholas' School Drama Club and he also toured Mexico, Brazil and Israel with the show "Hombre Vertiente" directed by Pichon Baldinu (De la Guarda-Ojala)


Annie Cobweb  Helena Lady Marian

Constance Princess Mei Chinese Peasant Jester

Born in a family of artists, Macarena started performing at school concerts in productions such as "The Wizard of Oz" and "Oliver". She studied acting with Martin Gianola and Antonio Caride and started singing with her father, the well known actor and singer called Silvestre. She had plenty of experience before joining
The Stage Company. In the past she worked for her parents ' theatre company: Silvestre-Vieyra. There, she played many interesting characters and learned about teamwork during the many trips she took with the Company. They presented La Cencienta, Aladino, La Bella y La Bestia, Las Mujeres de Papa, and many others. She enjoyed both of her characters during 2011: Helena, in A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Constance, the queen's chambermaid who wins D'Artagnan's heart in our The Three Musketeers (2011- 2012) . She joined The Stage Company In 2009 when she successfully became Annie, the brave reporter who falls inlove with Eliot Ness. In Marco Polo, The Traveladventurer (2012) she was the chinese princess named Mei who falls inlove with the handsome foreigner.
In 2014 more than a year after having her first son, she is welcomed back at The Stage Company with the role of Lady Marian in Robin Hood-A Light in the Dark.

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Emily Vera Elizabeth

Rose Titania Milady de Winter

Director, Drama Teacher, Actress & Producer. Carla is one of the founding members of The Stage Company and she is our Managing Director. After teaching English, Literature and Drama at Sta Ines School, Colegio Marin & Stella Maris Theatre she became more and more  involved in Theatre Productions.
Around 1997 she became a member of Compañia de Teatro Del Bajo where she started directing and performing in most of their plays. 
She directed Snowhite, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet , Frankenstein Jr & Arthur Miller 's The Crucible. Once established with The Stage Company, she directed Billy The Kid, Frankenstein- Laugh at Your Fears, and  A Pirate Legend. She also performed as actress in most of the Company 's plays. She became Rose in Billy The Kid (2006-2013), Elizabeth in Frankenstein (2007), she was the whimsical Emily in A Pirate Legend (2008-2010), Titania in A Midsummer Night 's Dream (2010-2014) , the evil Milady De Winter in The Three Musketeers (2011) and Tengri in Marco Polo (2012)  Most  of these plays staged in English but also in Spanish for Paseo la Plaza, Sala Pablo Neruda, with great success during four consecutive seasons.
She completed her acting studies with Raul Serrano, learned about Stage Direction with Augusto Fernandes.and attended prestigious seminars with teachers form the London RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) and Stella Adler Academy NY. She has just released Alice Penn's  Robin - A Light in the Dark, and currently she is working on a magical staging of our adaptation of Shakespeare´s A Midsummer Night´s Dream to be performed in Spanish at the prestigious Teatro Maipo.

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pat garret pat garret pat garret
Donovan Dash Richelieu Pat Garrett   Sheriff of Nottingham

After performing as actor in Shakespeare's comedy "Much a Do About Nothing" at the prestigious Teatro San Martin, Fernando Margenet- actor, musician- drama teacher- director and actor- accepted the role of Donovan Dash for Leyenda Pirata at Paseo La Plaza, Sala Pablo Neruda. Later In 2011 he became the greedy Minister Richelieu in our production "The Three Musketeers" (2011-2012) which had great success for two consecutive seasons at Sala Pablo Neruda, Paseo La Plaza.
He is author of the music and lyrics of Billy The Kid (1997, 2006 & 2013) and Robin Hood- A Light in the Dark (1998 & 2014). In Billy the Kid he performed as Sheriff Pat Garret in two of the three stagings of the play, and in Robin Hood he was Robin in 1998. He is currently enjoying collecting taxes as the evil Sheriff of Nottingham in our 2014 staging of this wonderful musical.

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hunter hunter manolo kublai khan kublai khan
Al Capone Brave Hunter
of The Wild Fat Pig
Manolo Kublai Khan Pierre

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sally1 sally2 mei1 mei2
Sally   Mei Nanny

Luisina was born in Buenos Aires but moved to Italy at the age of 3. There she started acting and singing at a very young age in operas at L´Arena di Verona with Placido Domingo and directed by Franco Zeffirelli. At the age of 10 she moved to New York with her family and continued her singing and acting studies at the New York University Tisch School of Drama and The William Esper Studio. 
She moved back to Buenos Aires in 2011 and started off being an understudy for The Stage Company until 2013, year in which she got the role of Sally in Billy The Kid. 
This year she s thrilled to have a fun new role in the Company's new production. She is playing Lady Marian's Nanny in ¨Robin Hood - A Light in The Dark
You can also catch her in the film Limitless (Sin Limites) with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Up next: 2014´s film ¨Iraqui Tango¨, an Argentine-American feature film collaboration also starring Andres Bagg!

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sally1 sally2 mei1 mei2
Porthos Prince John Little John  

Actor, singer, musician & music teacher. Lucas has worked for Alice Penn s plays since the beginning of his career earning the main role in Alice's Penn Marco Polo (1999) , and Leonardo The Musical (2000)
He performed many important roles at The Stage Company during all these years, in English and Spanish at Sala Pablo Neruda, Paseo La Plaza. He has recently contributed also as musician by wonderfully  playing guitars, flutes and many more instruments that enhanced enormously the music of our most recent play Robin Hood-A Light in The Dark-  He is also part of the cast of Robin Hood , performing as Little John and Prince John. 
Lucas also enjoys being a member of the musical band "Cuerpo Manda". He  has also  been working as Musical Director  and rumour has it he he s going to direct a band for a very important musical at Calle Corrientes very soon this year.

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Maimiti Sally Mei Emma

Sofía Elliot started studying musical theatre at St. Luke´s College performing as Abigail in Arthur
Miller s The Crucible. She started her professional career In The Group directed by Alice Penn in many productions such as Marco Polo, Jack and the Beanstalk, Leonardo Da Musical and Eliot Ness.
After all these important theatrical experiences she was selected for Escalera a la Fama Reality
Show, which led her to Mexico where she became a professional stage singer for Sofa Entertainment Company. She studied at the Method Studio London and also took part in a short film called “America” which was exhibited at the British Film Festival in London and at the Barcelona Cinema Festival.
She decided to continue her career in Argentina and in 2005 she was called by Polka TV Productions to become one of the students in the teenager programme “Media Falta” where she performed one of the leading roles: Zaida Mohamed. Since 2006 she has performed the role of Sally in our Billy The Kid and currently she takes part of the popular TV programmes "Romeo y Julieta" and "Casi Angeles". Her favourite acting teachers have been Alice Penn, Guillermo Angelleli, Joy Morris and Raul Serrano. After an important role for "TV por la Identidad " she was chosen for the 2008 TV production "Vidas Robadas. Sofia had the chance to perform as Princess Mei in Marco Polo, at the end of Season 2012, a role she loved and played during her beginings as an actress back in 1999. She was part of the cast as well during the performances 2012 in spanish, at Sala Pablo Neruda, Paseo La Plaza.

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Aramis Mustardseed Bottom  

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Maimiti Moth Hermia Miss Blotcher

Anita, in the role of Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream , has shown her passion for theatre since very young. At the age of fourteen she started studying musical comedy with Alice Penn and Alejandra Rappazzini. She took part in important musical productions at Stella Maris Theatre and Teatro de la Cova . Some of them are “Pippin”, “Cats in concert”, “ Tony’s tonight”, “Little shop of Horrors” , “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “A touch of sin” and “ All this Jazz” . She completed her studies at Julio Bocca Theatre School where she also developed her dancing skills with Ricky Pashkus. At present she is attending ballet classes and working as an actress, dancer and singer for The Stage Company where she has performed one of Billy The Kid's main characters since 2006. In our 2008 production A Pirate Legend her role is one of her favourites, the lovely native girl called Maimiti. Anita currently teaches drama at Teatro Stella Maris and is our alternate actress for the role of Rose in Billy The Kid 2013.

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Ratpie     Atapir

Tomas Bruckmann is our youngest actor. He studied theatre at Teatro Stella Maris for several years and performed in many plays and musical comedies. A Pirate Legend produced by The Stage Company has become his debut as a professional actor. Ratpie, the evil indian assistant of Captain Morgan Black, gives him the chance to reveal many of his talents.

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Captain Donovan Al Capone Billy the Kid Igor

Guille was our Billy The Kid in 2006, was the charming Captain Donovan Dash in our 2008 musical: A Pirate Legend and he is now the great Al Capone in our 2009 production: Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess. Actor and singer, he has always been committed to good theatre in English and has showed he can easily perform many different characters. Apart from being an essential member of the cast of The Stage Company for years, he also performed in many other plays by Shakespeare , Wilde and other playwrights of the English language. He has also acted extensively in Spanish as well. In 2006 he took part in stage productions at the British Arts Centre having the leading role in "Our Country's Good", directed by Hugo Halbrich .Later he was chosen for the cast of Shakespeare s " Ricardo III", also staged at the BAC , directed my Mariano Caligaris and Emilio Gimenez Zapiola.

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Morgan Black Chisum   Frankenstein

He started acting professionally with The Suburban Players during the 2004 season. His downtown career includes an important role in an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Much a Do about Nothing during the years 2004 and 2005 and a russian spoken monologue by Chekhov called “On
the harm of tobacco” Since 2006 he has performed the role of Mr. Chisum in our Billy The Kid but has become one of the most popular actors of The Stage Company in 2007. His acting teachers were Alejandra Ramos, Norman Brisky, Cristian Drut and Felisa Yeni. The time for Nico to  play the  "really bad guy" has come along with A Pirate Legend where he becomes the greedy Captain Morgan Black.

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Flauta  Reggie  Donkey

Luciano is the charismatic "Flauta" in our staging of a Midsummer Night's Dream and Reggie, in our 2010 performances of Eliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess. He studied Dramatic Arts at Universidad Del Salvador, and was formed as actor in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. He studied clown skills, singing and acting with important teachers and attended several seminars and workshops. He worked as actor in films, TV programmes, TV commercials and many theatre plays and musicals before he joined The Stage Company in 2010. His character in a Midsummer Night's Dream is a really popular one, and he is full of surprises.

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Brave Hunter of the Wild Fat Pig & Manolo      

Chapa has studied acting with Emilio Giménez Zapiola, Mariano Caligaris and Cristina Moreira amongst others.  He works as Drama teacher for children and has staged school plays twice a year since 1997.  He has an extensive acting career which includes films and theatre. He has played Judas in the short film “Jesús de Longchapms”  directed by Eduardo Peduto, which won several prizes at the Festival de Cine Independiente de Villa Gesell and at the UNICA Festival.  He had leading role in “Caída Libre”, a short film directed by Yanina Saccani which was awarded  prizes at the Festival Internacional de Mar del Plata and at the Festival de Cine de Montevideo.  On stage he has taken part in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” directed by Eduardo Peduto,  “Sueño de una noche de verano” directed by Yamil Ostrovsky at Teatro San Martín, and most recently in “La indolencia de los ambientes” directed by Nicolás Martini.

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Pat Garret      

Actor, singer and musician, Mariano is Pat Garrett in our staging of Billy The Kid. He is also performing in the award winning production “Vincent& Paul” and he still manages to keep playing with his non- conventional percussion band “Elemental”.
As a member of The Group he took part in several plays in English such as Marco Polo, Jack and the Beanstalk and Leonardo Da Musical. All of them under the direction of Alice Penn.
He starred in the Musical "The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and played different characters in ”Snow White”, “El Sacrificio”, Circo Dibbuk” and the award-winning: “Cinderella” . He played a small part in the full length movie Plaza de Almas and his TV experience includes parts in TV shows such as “Son Amores” , “22 el Loco”, many commercials, and a videoclip. As singer he was leading voice of the Pink Floyd’s Tribute band “Ummagumma”. His acting teachers were Ricardo Barthis, R. Szchumacher, Luisa Calcumil and E. Student. In our 2008 production A Pirate Legend , Mariano performs as Christian Fletcher in most of our evening shows.

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more members of our team


As Development Director and Sales Representative Ana is the person in charge of creating and supervising the implementation of annual strategies and plans to assure the growth of the Company s profile . She leads the assistant producer and the sales representatives as she supervises and refreshes all Company s policies as regards marketing and financial planning. After graduating at St George s School (Quilmes) she became an architect and worked in her family business for many years. Later, she studied Theatre and performed as actress in many plays and musicals. She is glad she is currently able to combine her work as architect with her love for theatre, education and languages.


A photographer in disguise, Natalia is our production assistant. She has always loved theatre. At the beginning, being a fan of good musical theatre, she got involved in journalism, becoming an editor for Red Teatral where she also had the chance of publishing her pictures. Later, she started working as an executive producer in several plays at Teatro Regina, Teatro el Vitral, Club del bufon, where she helped staging plays such as "Irreconciliables", "Pinocho", "La Parodia Rebelde" . Recently she had started working ar The Stage Company. She is there before, during and after the production of the plays. She is always eager to help and we love her pictures and videos. She has become an important member of the team.


Diego Mariani is our Fencing Coach. He has trained the actors for all sword fighting scenes in A Pirate Legend and The Three Musketeers. Actor, singer, fencing coach and musician, he performs as Ernst Ludwig in the musical "Cabaret" currently on stage at Teatro Astral. In the past he worked as actor in several important musicals and plays such as Cabaret and had roles in many TV Programmes as well (Alma Pirata, Floricienta, La Niñera, and more). He has a degree in acting from Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramatico and studied singing at the Conservatorio Nacional. He learned his fencing from Fernando Lupiz, Juan Gavajda, L Saucedo and H. Martinez. Diego has succeeded in developing a unique skill for training the actors on stage which makes any sword fighting scene work as true as as a real one.


Shaka has worked for The Group for several years and has played a main role in every project since the very beginning as performance manager and stage technician dealing with the supervision and operation of sound and lights for each particular show. He loves working for children and has a passion for theatre which leads him to make every show sound at its best allowing excellent comprehension of the English language and the story while assuring our audience great entertainment and fun.
He also works as sound technician and supervisor in other very important productions such as the awarded musical "Casi Normales" at Teatro El Nacional.

Author of the activity books of Billy The Kid and Eliot Ness Cleans Up The Mess, Vickie also works with the actors at the beginning of each play as phonetics coach making sure the pronunciation of every line in English in the script would sound native and natural.
She has two teaching degrees from INSP en Lenguas Vivas “J.R.Fernández” as a Primary and Secondary English teacher and a post-graduate degree from the same Institute as Teacher of British and American Literature of the 20th century.
She taught in primary and secondary levels in bilingual schools and was a British and American Literature Teacher at Lenguas Vivas Training College for Teachers
of English. Since 1990 she has had leading positions as Coordinator and Head of Kindergarten and Primary levels at different bilingual and non-bilingual schools such as St Peter’s School, Greenwood College, Amapola and Tarbut.
Vickie is acquainted with the theatre as she herself took Musical Comedy classes with Alice Penn and Alejandra Rapazzini as well as singing lessons with several teachers. She was the English coach for the actors of The Group as well as the educational consultant and writer of the Resource Books for the productions of Billy the Kid, Robin Hood, Elliot Ness Cleans Up the Mess, Treasure Hunt, Marco Polo and Leonardo “da” Musical.


Alex Matthews is one of the most experienced make up artists in the world. He has been in charge of the make up and prosthestics of a very large number of important films,plays and TV commercials in Argentina and abroad.
To name a few of them: Maria Luisa Bemberg s awarded film: Camila, He created the make up effects and prosthetics for Antonio Gasalla s unforgettable character, Mama Cora,in the famous classic Esperando la Carroza, other films were Highlander, Iluminados por el fuego, Tiempo de Revancha but there are still many others. Alex also teaches his professional skills and has his own make up lab and products. We met him in 2007 and he was in charge of the character make up and prosthestics for our 2010 staging of A Midsummer Night`s Dream. His great work excels on stage, the results are amazing , and that makes all the difference.


Jesus is our experienced backstage manager. He is the first one to arrive wherever our performances take place and he is the last one to leave once everything is packed. He takes care of our scenery, props, costumes and makes sure everything is ready on time for the show. He has always worked backstage and has a passion for theatre. Jesus handles the props and scenery for our shows and he also works for Cantando con Adriana at Auditorium de San Isidro. It is easy to see how much he enjoys his job as he is always smiling and willing to help. He is one of the most important members of our team.